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A.5. Build and Install

Now you may build everything (libvos, metaobject plugins, applications....) with the following command:

$ make all

Sit back, as this will probably take a little while. Hopefully everything will go well. If there are any problems, please contact us (see and we will try help you debug the problem.

Once everything is done, you can install the VOS libraries, headers and programs on your system with the following command (with superuser privileges, if necessary):

$ make install

Normally, libraries will be installed into PREFIX/lib, binaries into PREFIX/bin, headers into PREFIX/include/vos, and various documentation into subdirectories of PREFIX/share/doc. Please note that PREFIX is /usr/local by default. On many systems, the directories under /usr/local are not in the default search paths for libraries, headers, binaries and other files. This means that when configuring other packages such as vos-browser it may be necessary to specify "--with-vos=/usr/local". The installation prefix may be overriden with "--prefix=" on the command line to configure as documented previously.