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Appendix A. Building VOS from Source

A.1. Welcome!

Welcome to the Virtual Object System. This appendix explains how to build the libraries and applications from source code. It also describes ways to configure the behavior of the VOS library using environment variables, and how to use VOS behind a firewall.

The webpage is, look there for new versions, documentation, mailing lists, etc.

Before deciding to compile VOS, you may want to check and see if binary packages are available for your platform. If packages are not available, or you are interested in working on VOS or using VOS in your own project then continue reading.

VOS has been developed and tested with Debian and Red Hat GNU/Linux, Sun Solaris, Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows on Intel x86, AMD64, PowerPC and Sparc architechtures. Please send us an email (see website at if you successfully build and run VOS on a new platform, or if you are using VOS for your project.

Have fun with VOS, and if you have any problems or questions please send an email to the mailing list, or to the developers directly.