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A.2. Build Requirements

VOS uses the GNU build system which relies on standard Unix tools such as bash, make, sed, and of course a compiler (usually GCC). To build from CVS, you will also need autoconf (at least 2.53), automake (at least 1.6) and libtool. On Windows, you will need to use either MinGW Windows port of the Unix toolchain, or Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0. Special instructions and requirements for building on Windows is discussed below.

We strongly recommand that you use at least version 3.3 of GCC as of this writing.

The following packages are required:

The following packages are optional, but will provide additional functionality:

On Debian you can install some or all the following packages with apt-get to obtain the above requirements:

$ apt-get install g++ make autoconf automake \
                  pkg-config libboost-thread-dev libreadline-dev libwxgtk2.6-dev \
                  libopenvrml-dev libhowl-dev mdnsresponder libmysqlclient-dev