Secret Mines of Legend

The Secret Mines of Legend is a little roguelike hack 'n slash written in Standard ML. It's not much to play - there are only different five monsters, the map algorithm sucks, there is no documentation and you can't use any of the items you pick up - but it is an example of how a nontrivial application (1000 lines) might be written in Standard ML.

This requires Standard ML of New Jersy because of some screen-handling stuff that is written to some specific structure calls of that system. If you're all set up, then untar it, run sml/nj, type "use init.sml", then Mines.start();

The keys are:

the keys are weird because I use a dvorak keyboard, and that's how they standard vi/roguelike movement keys would get mapped :)

Download it here. As for licensing, consider it under the GNU General Public License.

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