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Appendix C. Property Datatypes

Properties (objects with type property:property) are perhaps the most important Metaobject type in VOS; they are essential building blocks of other types. This document describes the format of the data type identifiers used to indicate the data type or format of a property.

Property data types take one of three forms.

  1. MIME type

  2. Primitive type

  3. List with primitive type

Finally, types may contain a list of parameters.

C.1. MIME types

The first form a property data type may have is an IETF registered MIME media type. This is typically used for large multimedia documents such as images, audio, video, formatted text, etc. A list of media type registrations is maintained by the IANA at [IANA MEDIA] The MIME type form and registration procedures are given in [RFC 2046].