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B.2. VOS Runtime Settings Using Environment Variables

There are several environment variables that affect the behavior of VOS. Unix environment variables may be set temporarily in the shell, or permanently in user or system shell config/rc files. On Windows, variables may be set in the "System" control panel.


If defined, this value is used as the primary hostname, rather than the local hostname detected by VOS. This is the hostname that other people will need to use to contact your site, so it has to be valid for the Internet! This variable may also include a port number (e.g. in which case VOS will listen on that port instead of using the first available port >= 4231.


Sets log levels for various channels. The format is: "Channel1=LEV1,Channel2=LEV2". The level is a priority running from 0 (highest priority/critical errors) to 6 (tons of debugging spam.)


Sets the default log level for any channels not listed in VOS_LOG.


Suppress ALL log messages with level greater than the given value. This overrides the log channel settings in VOS_LOG and VOS_DEFAULT_LOGLEVEL!


Redirect all log output to the specified filename

In addition to these variables, some applications (e.g. omnivos) recognize environment variables as well.