Joy2key configurations

START xkobo
-buttons Shift_L s
-axis Left Right Up Down

START ines
-buttons z a Tab Return
-axis Left Right Up Down

START quake2
# set the following keybindings in quake2:
# bind kp_up +forward
# bind kp_down +back
# bind kp_leftarrow +left
# bind kp_rightarrow +right
# bind ctrl +attack
# bind shift +movedown
# bind alt +strafe
# bind space +moveup
# bind / weapnext
# bind ins +klook
# * The same notes for playing sdoom (below) apply to console 
# quake as well.
-axis 75 77 72 80
-buttons 97 42 56 57 53 110

START doom
# Since sdoom is a console application, you either
# A] must run joy2key on the same virtual console as sdoom
#    (try joy2key -config doom &)
#    (don't forget to kill joy2key when you are done, or 
#     moving the joystick will continue to send keys to
#     the console)
#                           or
# B] run joy2key as root (so it can send keypresses to virtual
#    consoles it doesn't own)
#    (again, remeber to kill it when you are done)
# send keyup codes
# Control (fire) : LShift (run) : Alt (strafe) : Space (open/push)
-buttons 97 42 56 57 
# Left Arrow : Right Arrow : Up Arrow : Down Arrow
-axis 75 77 72 80

-X X11Amp
-axis z b c c 
-buttons z b c c

START snes9x
-axis Left Right Up Down
-buttons s x d c a z Return space

Please contribute your own joy2key configurations for others to use!

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Peter Amstutz
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