Home computer setup


My desktop system, Mir, I built and have upgraded myself. Most components are now at least 2 years old and the computer (mainly the case :-) as a whole is 5 years old, so it's a bit behind the cutting edge...

As of this writing, this is running Linux 2.4.19-pre4 with the unstable Debian "Cid" distribution


I also own a laptop, an IBM Thinkpad A21p.

As of this writing, this is also running Linux 2.4.16 based on the unstable Debian distribution.


My previous laptop, an ARM Computer TS3100 died after a long struggle with incompetent engineering. Basically, the thing broke, the power port stopped making contact and so the system couldn't recharge batteries or really run at all because it was incredibly badly designed. After many, many repairs, I gave up and shelved it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, THEIR COMPUTERS SUCK.

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